What could I tell you about myself.. my name is Charles, 24 years old, and I’m combining work with my adventurous lifestyle.

As I graduated from an International Business degree, I knew I wasn’t going to work in an office for long, which leaded me to learn design & web development.
A few classes and 3 years experience later, here I am, living the freelance life ✌️

I have been working with a number of clients both through agencies and independently, trying to constantly improve my skills.

Today I am living in Lisbon, Portugal, working both by myself and with a network of talented freelancers.

No need to say that I love travelling, in specially if it’s combined with work.
 If you have a project, and you’re staying somewhere around the globe, I’ll be happy to come give you a hand and discover what it’s like around there.

Don’t hesitate to contact me, if you got a question, wanna start a project, or wanna say how awesome my website looks 😉

Bom dia!